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Sometimes, Jongin gets this look in his eyes when he stares out into a stadium full of people, almost like he’s in disbelief that any of it is actually real, and I feel like this is where we see Kim Jongin and not Kai. Kim Jongin who, in a way was forced to grow up maybe a little too fast. I think people sometimes forget that he’s the second youngest in EXO, yet he can’t really play the role of a maknae, because he was made the face. And I think we all know at what price that came, before he’d even debuted nonetheless, what he had to pay for something he really had no control over, because after all ‘Kai’ belongs to SM. Kai is whatever SM wants him to be, but this, this is when we see him as him, wide-eyed and staring out into a sea of thousands of people, we see Kim Jongin who made his dream come true. A boy with such a burning passion for dance, and it’s as if for a moment he forgets he’s supposed to be Kai and is looking out into that ocean of people soaking it all in and realizing that that he did it, he made it, and that all the hard work and the criticism of ‘too many teasers’ and ‘i bet he can’t even sing’, were worth it.

…Or maybe he’s just spaced out and this moment is nothing like what I’ve just described, but it’s 4am and I’m night blogging and spewing word vomit and I just seriously have the biggest soft spot for this kid. ;__;



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